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Unlock Your Local SEO Potential with Local Citations

Do You Struggle To Rank Locally On Google?

Are potential customers having trouble finding your business online? As a small business owner, climbing the ranks in local search results can be daunting. You offer valuable products and services to nearby customers, but how will they find you amid a sea of competitors?

In the past, a simple listing in the yellow pages and a basic website sufficed. But times have changed. The digital world demands more – it’s all about local SEO and being visible where it matters.

Why Local Citations Matter

With the ever-changing algorithms of Google, keeping up feels like a full-time job. Many local businesses, constrained by time and budget, struggle to make their mark. That’s where Local Citations comes in. We simplify the complex world of local SEO, putting you back in control of how you appear online.

For just $99/month, our personalized package handles the heavy lifting of local SEO for you. From updating your business profiles to managing local directory submissions, we cover all bases to ensure your business is found easily.

The Benefits Are Clear

Google sets some specific parameters to rank a website for a location. Optimising the website for a location takes SEO expertise that we are proud to have.


Wake up to an influx of new customers discovering your business with each Google search.


 No more wasted ad spend targeting non-local customers.

Local SEO Foundation

Let your website shine in front of the local audience that matters most.

Expert Support at Your Fingertips

Our team of local SEO experts is dedicated to boosting your visibility. We connect you with local clients actively searching for what you offer, giving you an edge in the competitive market. With us, you’re not leaving your success to chance.

Take the First Step

Reach out to learn more about our tailored Local Citations plan. There’s no risk, only the promise of amplifying your digital footprint and reaping greater rewards.

Scan Your Business Listing Now

At Found Local Marketing, we offer a comprehensive scan of your online business information. Instantly check how your critical location data appears across key platforms like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more.