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What is Web Analytics?

Simply investing money on your marketing strategy is not going to help until you understand what is working. Measuring the activity on your website and studying what is working and what is not, will help you improve better. You can see if the ‘Call To Action’ is working for you, if they are filling up the website form, what pages they are visiting, if you landing page is getting the desired number of users, etc.

What Kind Of Data Can You Analyse?

Our team has an analytics tool that can store various data from your website. It can determine the number of visitors on your web page. Number of clicks on the links on your website. It can store data about the geographical location of the visitor, the device they were using and the kind of browser they were using as well. They can also study the cookies of individual visitors to analyse their website behaviour that involves tracking an individual’s session, see if they have visited your website before, and many more such things.

Digital Marketing Analytics

Google Analytics (GA)

Free to Use
Professional analysis by our team
Number of users
Link clicks

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Manage tags of all your website
Add and upgrade your tags
Debug Tools
Event Manager
Conversion Tracking

User Behavior Data

Content Performance
External Data

How Data Analytics Help You

Any business runs of analytics it’s investment strategies. You can’t be investing in something blindly without knowing the results it is producing. Analytics will show what parts of the website people spend the most time on, so you could use it in your advantage to set up purchase paths. Web analytics will tell you the efficiency of your marketing strategy. If you see the strategy isn’t giving you the desired results you could do what is needed to get the results. Trial and error when it comes to digital marketing is the key to success.

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